A flood will come when love runs dry

Hey peeps! How's your week/weekend? I had my fair share of weird encounters this week. Not going to dwell on them; if you're interested you can read my tweets @jielinnnx33 (FOLLOW ME)

Random notes:

1. I've been eating a lot but too lazy to work out. This has to stop. Full to the brim but I just can't stop. What's wrong wtf.

2. MJ with the girls last Friday night. Lost a grand total of 10cents lol.

3. Fed up with some people -_-

4. Finished TWD season 3. It's soooo good season 4 please come out soon!

5. I need to exercise (on repeat mode)

6. Looking forward to work tmr for some odd reason hahahaa

7. Long weekend is finally here!! YAY 4 days of play, can't wait too!

Okayz photo time!!

Grilled bacon wrapped asparagus

Vietnamese spring roll party~

Need to add more pins

Long hair is long

Preparing for school!
Old pencil case because the one I was using broke.