When one leaves, another will come

13/7/2013, Saturday

Check out #BossiniSG for some cool-looking clothes. Looks super comfortable for the hot SG weather! http://sg.sharings.cc/jielinnnx33/share/BossiniSummerStyle

Screwed up sequence again LOL. Anyway, will blog about Legoland tomorrow afternoon. I still have pictures to go through. 

Stomachache in the morning/yesterday so I gave tuition a miss. Sleep > eat > sleep > toilet toilet toilet. Probably emptied everything from inside out. Still feeling a little.. weird but I think I'm getting better. 

Dined at Paradise Dynasty for the first time! The la mian's serving is huge, xiao long bao is really quite good. I like the foie gras/cheesy one. Actually I don't know how foie gras taste like but I like the overall flavour. 

I was there with my long lost friend, Crystal! She is the first friend I made in my whole entire life. So sad I can't remember most of my kindergarten years anymore. T ^ T Nonetheless, I'm still happy to see her again. Thank you cyberspace/facebook!

Went out for night stroll and restocked butter. Gonna make full use of the oven before school/work. 
I enjoy baking but I don't like to eat them. My family too sigh. Distributing my next successful (I'm not that bad to give you bad tasting cakes/cupcakes) to the first group of people I meet hehee!

Alright that's about all for today's 1 minute of entertainment. 
Ending off with my supper. 

I love these cheap moon cakes