The Escape Artist

25/7/2013, Thursday

TGIT? Met the girls after work to redeem our escape artist voucher.

Credit: TEA

170 Upper Bukit Timah Road #11-02
Bukit Timah Shopping Centre 
Tel: 6463 6690
Website: Here

We went to the hardest room - Da Vinci Room. Requested for a lot of help throughout the game hahaah #lousy

We really almost made it. Almost.
50 mins is really too short.

Another room I wanted to try is 'carnivore lair'. It seems really interesting.
Anything scary is probably my cup of tea but it is really hard to find khakis. 一个人我会更怕 hahahaha. This is like some love-hate relationship.

Staff there are really friendly. The location is a little out of the place though. $15-$18 without the deal (we got it at 50%)

After which we went for dinner at buddy hoagies. It has been ages since the last time I visited this place.
Cheap and decent dinner.

I still love their flame grilled chicken. You can skip the Rosti because Marché one is really the best.

Oh the brownie and waffle are pretty good.
I've been craving for brownies I don't know why. And rich chocolate ice cream. Maybe im sad lol.

I like how easy it is to organise outings with the girls.
For the rest of my busy friends, it's ok I forgive you. ❤

No filters for all the food pics. Life has been too hectic to edit photos haha!