Picnic at GBTB x Appy's 20th

1/6/2013, Saturday

Went for a 4h work first before meeting Yq to grab all the necessities for picnic. Don't know why but Appy always reminds me of picnic (maybe it's because of her chun gu style LOL).

Basically we got sushi, banana, blood orange juice, phad thai, Aglio olio, omelette... There might be more but that's all I can remember. Bought tarts instead of cake. Cakes are too mainstream + the tarts are really yummy!

Anyway, went down to gardens by the bay to search for a strategic spot (ie away from the crowd). I guess we are one of the first few people to picnic in GBTB. Found a pretty good spot behind the elevator facing OCBC sky walk? We thought it is a good spot away from the people but we were so wrong. It turns out that there is a light show at the OCBC domes hence people were streaming in every hour or so.

Managed to catch the breathtaking sunset!

Anyway, back to picnic. Yq thought of some 'games' to delay ape while we wait for sm and sw to reach.

Gobbled down all the food once they came so there's not food pic. Too hungry :l
Chill and relax before heading home.

Outings nowadays revolve around food but at least this one is something longer and in a different setting?

The rest of the pictures for you to enjoy.
Photos credit to yq/ape/me.

Happy birthday appy I hope you like it.
Stay happy my dear girl :)