Malaysia Legoland 2013!

12/7/2013, Friday

Hey sup guys! Here's the Legoland entry I promised quite some time back. I'm sorry! I've practically no weekends plus I just started work 3 days ago. Busy and very tired.


Met the girls really early to catch our bus to Legoland. We booked our tickets from here, the same website I used to get my Sunway lagoon tickets for 2012's KL trip. $63 and you can pay online, via cards or singpost. Mad user-friendly! [Not an Ad]

Anyway, it was really stupid because the bus drove us all the way back to Woodlands checkpoint.

No contacts because I thought I can nap a bit on the bus. Sleep seems impossible with the girls around! (explains all the late night chats with ex roomie and illegal immigrant HAHAA)

We left Lavender MRT (pick up point) at around 9am and reached Legoland slightly before 11. Quite fast. 

Tickets to fun! 

PS for the sucky filter/editing skills

The photographers there are really friendly and professional. They are willing to help you snap photos using your own phone/camera! And they are really good at it.

Yq did a really good post on all the different rides we went for so you can check them out here.
PS bliss-enchanted owner please make your blog more link-friendly I had a hard time trying to link you up hahahahaa.

Okay here's my captions style.

One of the best rides. First row is the best, unblocked view :3

Best ride to take if you enjoy being flung around. 
PS keep steering in and out! 

Shot like crazy on this ride. 

Random snapshots around:

The round face appears! 

We had lunch at Pizza Mania - they serve pretty good carbonara~

Pizza combo: 4 soups, 4 drinks and 14" pizza, iirc (RM58)
Kids pasta meal: Carbonara, fruits and ribena (RM15)

Part of the restaurant

Anyway, refreshments are available around the theme park. Price of drinks ranges around RM4-5/6ish? The giant cup of Slurpee, something like the ones from Singapore Zoo, cost RM25 bucks though. 

Fun fair games mostly cost RM 10, one of them is rather easy to win. I could have brought back a giraffe/elephant haizzzzzz. Stupid me. 

All in all, I feel that Legoland sort of brings out the inner child in you. A great place to visit if you have kids/you're young at heart/going as a family. There are quite a handful of interesting and unique rides around. Furthermore, it is a really nice place to snap a lot of good photos!

Left that place at 6pm and requested to drop off at Malaysia customs. 
We headed to City Square JB for dinner. 

Donkatu @ City Square JB

Sat at this little corner surrounded by bamboo dividers. I enjoy the extra privacy and I think that place will be great for gatherings or birthday celebrations. If you spend more than RM 15, you are eligible for free flow of salad. The salads are pretty appetising. 

The ramen is really quite good too! The egg is nice~ Paid around RM 18, totally worth it! It is impossible to get that standard in SG at that price. 

Ended the day with a little shopping/restocking. 

Fun trips, I love fun trips :D

*Photos credit to various sources, edited via iPhone apps