Lay your cards on the table

28/6/2013, Friday 

Did what I am supposed to do before meeting up with my dearest peeps to 'celebrate' Kai's 20th!

Happy birthday once again!

I'm sorry that is all we can give that night. Nonetheless. I hope you enjoyed yourself because I did!

No photo with Tim as he left early! Just imagine a bear will do.

Ended the night with htht @ mac (yummy nuggets). omg I have not had nuggets for years!

29/6/2013, Saturday

Met Tim first for some casual shopping etc. Probably one of the few I can totally feel at ease with. So good. :)
Went for work and broke so many things wtf. Tired tired.

30/6/2013, Sunday

Spent the day packing and packing. I love packing with my sis. Out to grab a tiny cake and some food for weekly dinner. Celebrated my Aunt's birthday with those, some wine/beer and loads of laughter.

And.... photos that doesn't fit anywhere aka selcas