I call that day a 'Spontaneous Day'

Hey whats up guys! Clearing backlogs - from the easiest to the hardest. 

8June2013, Saturday

Met up with Tim and Kai for food at Carpenter&Cook. Took a bus to somewhere near beauty world center and crossed 3 traffic lights to get to the other side. (I still can't get over this stupid thing) 

Anyway C&C was full so we went over to Udders first. My virgin Udders experience and I didn't take any photo? There goes my first Udders ice-cream T ^ T The chocolate kit kat flavor, which I can't remember the exact name, is really nice. Hard to find chocolate stuff I like. 

Headed back to C&C but we only got a tart...? I was totally famished and desserts definitely can't satisfy. 


Hence, we moved again, this time, Mandarin Gallery for Ippudo!

This is really nice

Can't remember what this is but it is pretty good. 
Ps, hard noodles win hands down but don't try very hard noodles hahahaha

Acid bar for drinks or rather for second-hand smoke LOL. 
Hopped around some other places with R&A. 

P/s/s, I always bun/tie my hair because they are like wearing a winter headwear during summer
P/s/s/s, photo quality is really really bad hahaha. Iphone front cam + dark places = die

Such a spontaneous day for the jl, the old jl.