Review: Simple 12h light moisturiser

I want to share my holy grail with you guys (or girls).

Simple 12h light moisturiser review

Simple 12h light moisturiser

What is it: Moisturiser
Consistency: Cream
Smell: Not anything fanciful
Size: 125ml
Aftermath feel: Supple skin
Made in: UK
Price: $10-15 in Watsons, $6.90 in Venus
Where to buy: Watsons, Venus

What I like about it:

The lightweightness

This is so easily absorbed and it feels like I'm not having anything on my face after blending it in. So light but at the same time so moisturising. It is not oily and keeps my skin supple even with only a thin layer.

The size and price

Very big bottle for a low price. PS, you can get them cheap at stores like Venus. I got 2 bottles from UK and they are only SGD$5 each.

Simple 12h light moisturiser review

The target audience

Simple products live up to its name - simple. No harsh chemicals or fragrances so I believe people with sensitive skin can use it as well. This is my holy grail when I broke out like mad a year or two ago
T  ^  T Don't know how I'd survive without this and Simple's cleanser

What I don't like about it:

There's is really nothing I don't like about it. However, if you really want me to squeeze something, here is it.

The smell

Not bad smelling but not a nice scent as well. That's the down point about no-fragrance-added products.

The Verdict
simple moisturiser review

I love this moisturiser a lot. I've about 3 bottles at home. Yea my holy grail. I don't usually use this with anything else because this is really good. Furhermore, this thing kept my face moisturised even when I'm breaking out. It helped me when my skin was super sensitive. This moisturiser will forever be in my basic 3-step skincare list. Simple and useful.

Rating: 9/10
Repurchase: What do you think? I've 3 bottles at home hiak

Go try if you have not and experience the difference for yourself.