Her heart was a secret garden and the walls were very high

TGIF! So worn out from work (though my job is really simple).
Nothing much to write about because life is pretty mundane.

A few instagramed photos to share. Sorry this post is really useless/cheat feelings.

A small celebration with dearest last Sunday. Happy birthday pig ong! We had a good talk that night, I love it. Really thankful to have you guys all the while! 

PS, bad things will ultimately end with a good note, no matter what. 

Spot me?

Let me know if you're one of them? 

My dinner! 4 burgers, 1 fries, 1 onion rings and 2 orange juices for 2 people! We're pigs!
Please don't remind me how fattening it is LOL
I wanna shoot myself now; had 2 happy meals (for the minions hahahha) yesterday for lunch.

Whoop whooop time to work out.

Take care of your own feelings because no one will.