Give when you can

Here to fill up the gap due to weekends! 

My current fav combination - apples, bananas and dragon fruit!

Went to grab a new phone for my sissy because hers is almost gone. 

Not changing mine any time soon (because I'm damn broke) so my dear phone please take care! 

After which, night grocery shopping with family. My family day~ Bought so much rice - brown, pearl, white. Fan tong family. 

Had dinner at JEM last night. JEM is a good place and I foresee spending a lot of time there after school LOL. Bought my fav fattening chocolate biscuits too :3 
Cheesy baked fish

Anyway, watched a 2 movies last/last last week?
First was World War Z 

Zombie movies are like my fav fav~ Not too bad!

Next is Despicable Me 2! Minions omg they are really adorable. 

Good mood today because cupcakes turned out decent! You don't know how many times I've failed man. At least they can be eaten yay.