Faster, Better, Stronger

Something more than good. It is good good. 
There are many ways to attain this. One way for sure is practice. Practice, no matter in what, will produce some sort of desirable results. 


This is a busy July. Well, I can say the busiest month of the year. I've so many events lined up one after another (a lot of work too). School is starting in approximately a month's time, that means my 3 months long break is coming to an end. 

To be honest, this 2 months has been pretty fruitful. I went for a 12D11N trip with my dearest family, met up many friends, packed and cleaned my little place, knew new friends, created wonderful memories... 

Have slightly less than half of 2013 left so I am going to fill it up with exciting stuff! There will be school (and horribly long labs) but it shouldn't be that bad. 

Lastly, I drafted my half year/one year plan/targets. I used to hate planning/writing my schedule down but now I can't function without my day properly planned out. Or week.
A planner will come in handy now.

Tons of targets to achieve too. They come in various form - academic, interactions, things to buy/spend on, places to visit etc.
I don't know how to get there yet but the road will eventually straighten out. Haha it always do. Cheers X