Ni hao all the way from Taiwan

Hiiiii my cute little earthlings,

I'm finally in TW! So surreal 6 months just flew by. Like *snap* gone.

Just a little quick note while waiting for my hair to dry a bit more.

1. Pay more = better. Stretch seats made the terrible 4h journey less horrendous.

2. Have not settle my 3G card issue so no 3G outside. But surprisingly my map works. I off my 3G and data so god knows why. Starhub you better don't give me a mini heart attack by charging it to my bills.

3. Bullet train (gao tie) is really fast and super nice to sleep! It is even better than airplane lol.

4. Budget per day is 400. A little ver today but ... Well holidays. :/

5. It is really troublesome to upload photos here so please check, and follow if you wish, my instagram/Facebook.

6. Everyone is asleep except me. Tiring day.

7. Breaking out like crazy :( masks to the rescue!

8. Ok sleepytime! Will try to finish up my draft on my cab ride up the hill... Mountain.... Slope..?