Eyelash extensions

Did eyelash extensions a few days ago. Went to a home based salon near Jurong West. PM me/email me/leave a comment if you want her contact. 

I do not have sufficient lash extending experiences to call this a review. Everything written is solely based on this virgin trip. 

Did it because I think I will be too lazy to make up in TW. Well, at least I can save the hassle of removing mascara + smudging.
Did the thickest (25mm) lashes. #regretofmylife
I prefer something more natural to barbie lashes lolol. Plus I don't think I suit thick lashes. 

It looks pretty decent in photos but a bit too over in real life. At least that's how I see it. Colleagues said it looks nice but they like me before these extensions better. Younger and cuter haha!

Anyhow, I will let it stick around for at least 2-3weeks before removing it. (if not waste $)
I just hope it doesn't rip my natural lashes off *cross fingers*

Mo make up no lens but with filter lololol

1. no need to remove mascara 
2. no need eyeliner because the lashes line my eyes 


1. Too fake
2. Cannot draw eyeliner 
3. Hard to wear specs! 
Probably the most turn-off thing because I am in specs most of the time (home, tuition etc) 
Have to wear specs like an old granny as the lashes are too long LOL. 

4. Super troublesome when it comes to washing face, showering, sleeping
5. Very hard to remove eyeliner
and the list goes on...

Seems like there are so many more cons than pros. I guess mascaras/eyeliners aren't that hard anymore.

Many girls love eyelash extensions but apparently I'm not in that clan.
Personal preference.

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  1. hello may i know how much u did it?

    1. Hmm $60/$65 with free eye mask or something! Removal @ $10.

  2. Hi there, do you mind to share with me the contacts please?

    1. Hi hi, her contact is 90910168 (Yvonne). Her price is $70 now but I saw a $5 off if you quote 'miyake' on miyake's IG. Not sure whether the promo is still on but you can try. ^^