A week since I'm back

Can't believe 1 week ago I'm still at shilin - eating and doing the very last bit of shopping.

Still very tired/lazy so I didn't do much this week. To sum it up, I worked for 1 event, went for tuition, exercised, rest, spammed drama (heartstrings, if you're wondering.) made a mess at home, met up a couple of friends now and then.

Sidetrack a little, heartstrings (or you've fallen for me) is not too bad! Yong-hwa's role is so sweet hahahaha I don't mind meeting him, or his 'role' LOL. The more I look at him, the more I find he cute /theendofafangirlnote
Not sure I finished the show or not but I'm pretty satisfied if it ends where I stopped.

Anyway, I've picked and edited 5, because I'm super stingy haahaaa, photos from my Taiwan album for you! Lack updates everywhere is this enough to redeem myself?

Not much camwho photos so let me end with my back view + the awesome scenery at my cingjing minsu! Loveeeee it.