Welcome happy JL back

Yay year 1 is finally over. Perhaps I will miss schooling when I start working but I can't deny the surge of Serotonin (sorry I can't help it, Chemist in the making...?) when holidays is here. *throws confetti*

Lookimg for jobs these three weeks. Need to earn some shopping money for my holiday trip~
Can't wait!

More job hunting/uni planning AFTER my trip.
Everything energy consuming can wait haha.

Let's talk about something nearer, my birthday. .. ... ... ........ ......... *awkward silence*

Not sure if it is post-exams fatigue or what, I'm just SO tired I don't wanna celebrate anymore. Let's see how I feel tomorrow after my 8h of sleep. Perhaps I'm just physically drained.

Other upcoming events: moma's day, weepopotamus birthday, cheese aging ceremony, popa birthday and appytheape day

Lastly, driving lessons/FTT. Sigh I need to start very soon. Finalising trip details, meeting people up, miss all my friends!

Sounds like a whiny JL instead of a happy JL. Flawed post LOL.

Abrupt Goodbye again! <:

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