Losing myself

*ashamed* Nearly a week since I last blogged. I've so many things lined up, one after another. Just have to hang on for 1 more week and I'll say hi to my 2 weeks break. A break from everything, a break I really need.

Thursday, 23/5/2013

Met Shermaine for interview > Chinatown > Dinner > Open concert at CQ. 
And I realised I'm really scared of water lol. Trembled so much when I sat at the edge. 

Saturday, 26/5/2013

Rejected work and spent my day packing (finally cleared most of my sec school stuff yay!) and for the trip. Haven't even finalised the itinerary #GG I need to draft enough posts to keep this space updated too. 24h/day, gonna plan my time really well. 

Ending with....

The only selca I took this week 
lol goodbye!