How To: Key of heart

Bored last night so I made a quick heart deco for my keys.
My key chains/rings break so frequently. :/ 

I can't help but snapped a few photos because it is really pretty haha.
Really simple to make too.

What I used:
1. Craft wires. I'm using size 18 but something thinner will be better. ($8.50 Chinatown)
2. Round nose pliers ($2 Daiso)
3. Cutter (Dad's)

How I did it: 
1. Cut around 4-4.2" of craft wire. 
2. Bend the wire in the middle, tighten it using the round nose pliers.
3. Carefully shape the wire into a heart; secure the ends by a knot like above. (jl way: bend it in whatever way possible so long the ends are curled in)
4. Can be used as a pendant/key ornament/whatever you like. 

Good luck.