Give everything a second chance

Hey guys!

I'm here again. Still in the midst of writing the 'longer' posts so please give me a little more time.
Can't wait for Thursday and Saturday - my rest days.

A quick update before I go for work later. A new environment today, well I hope it'll be really enjoyable!

One of the new addition to the family. Such a sweetheart X

After work last night

Stepped into Gardens By the Bay for the first time and I really like that place. It is so calm and pretty without the scorching Sun and people. Event was held inside flower dome. The sweet floral scent accompanied me throughout the event, I love :3

Lastly, spent bits of my free time packing and categorising the papers from school. My family in general is a hoarder. I will not be surprised if I dig out primary school worksheets lol.
I really don't like to throw out my school work because they are like records of my hard work over the years. But... they are taking up a little too much space so... :(

Anyhow, for people who have not throw out their work, please spend some time to separate your worksheets. Basically, I will tear out those pieces with blank sides (usually the last piece) and keep them for scribbling, printing random stuff or notes? Fully utilised papers, that is with things printed or written on both sides, can be recycled. You've already wasted enough papers, killed enough trees so try your best to follow the 3 Rs - Reduce, reuse, recycle. Small effort pooled together will yield big results.

Goodbye! Remember to do your part for the environment!

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