Barely hanging on

Friday, 10/5/2013

Last day of exams, Year 1 is over! Rushed off to interviews then tuition. Fattening creamy pasta for dinz after that. Satisfied. 

Saturday, 11/5/2013

If I remember correctly, tuition first then I went to pick my parents up at the airport. 
However, they landed before I reached #fail. 

Some useless photos of the day: 

No concealer so pardon the crazy dark circles (post-exams). Wore my sissy fat shirt (last photo). Examination period is also known as-enough-sleep-and-eat-like-a-pig period

Found my fav spot to take photos at home!

One of the skirts/skorts my moma got for us. Such a daring piece hahahahah.

Natural eyeliuer thanks to DHC eyelash tonic!
I know I need to trim my brows 

Neighbor passed us some Elmo cupcakes!

Sunday, 11/5/2013

Moved out of hall officially with the help of my Popa. 
A separate post on hall life soon.

Legendary small wall clock lol

Then a super heartwarming Mothers' Day steamboat dinner at home. I love grocery shopping > preparing food > eating together at home. Simple joys in life.

Monday, 13/5/2013

Tuition in the afternoon, half dead for the rest of the day

Tuesday, 14/5/2013

Worked at Avalon with lt. Tiring but pretty enjoyable. Know a couple of people but not sure whether we will meet again or not. 

Wednesday, 15/5/2013

Rushed off to Raffles Place right after I woke up. Met my fav Kai there and ran some errands. Chilled and talked like really old friends in YaKun (where I had my late lunch). After which I met yq and an agent for another potential job. Ended the day with a quick dinner with dearests. 

Thursday, 16/5/2013

SP for lt's grad ceremony. We couldn't go in because we don't have the invitation card. So we waited for her at a canteen nearby. 

Yellow flowers for our happy and enthusiastic girl!
We love you no matter what.

Left right after taking photos with the girl. To work. T ^ T 
Event was at Ion Orchard this time round. Very tired job but some clients/customers/crews made my day.
I still dread it though. Working again this coming Tuesday etcetc.

Friday, 17/5/2013 

Went for lunch at Watami. Conclusion: I don't really like the food. 

Cheesy mentai tofu was pretty good! Mentai pizza was decent but go to other places for desserts please

Tuition again then went to meet my girls for birthday celebration. 
This will be a separate post but thank you girls! 


Saturday, 18/5/2013

Woke up 2h earlier to revise for FTT. Almost late but thank god I managed to call a cab. Reached the venue on the dot wtf. 
Cleared it with a perfect grade :3 Birthday luck.

Did all the necessary stuff, cancelled all my plans and went home to sleep. What right? Lack sleep + DYM made me really really tired. 

However, went out at night to meet dearests for a short while. 
More in another post as usual. 

Sunday, 19/5/2013

I think I'm a baby - I need to sleep a lot a lot. 
Woke up around 2, snacked, drama then napped all the way to 7+. Popa drove out to get crabs, because I was craving for it (I still am), but it was sold out around the vicinity T ^ T. So we settled with curry fish head and green curry #curryoverdosed.

Packed my stuff with Moma while watching TV. I really like spending time with my mom. :)

Ok this post took longer than I predicted. 3am now. Need to wake up at 8 omgomgomg. Good luck sleepyhead jl! 

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