Yours to tell

Went home in the middle of the week to settle my Aunt's pre-trip things. So good I wanna travel too.
No war please, no H7N9 or whatever too. *prays*

One good thing about going home is.... FOOD.
I don't have to choose which canteen/MSG-infested food to eat. 

Made a simple brunch yesterday - boiled ham pieces, (failed) fried egg, dragon fruit and cream cheese beehoon (still clearing stocks hhahaha)

Dug out my only knife, good fork and my white bone plate to complete the whole look. I love it.
CHANGE EVERYTHING TO WHITE! White somehow crawled its way up and it is now my favourite colour. How I wish I can change everything at home to white. Sadly, white furniture tend to yellow over time, just like my microwave omg.

This morning 

1 more day to Friday.
Today is 1 hell long day. I just hope the shoot doesn't end too late.