Today vs Yesterday

Hello! I feel so much better after sleeping more.

Also, I make sure I clock in some exercise time everyday. 1 week of exercising and I can see tiny improvements here and there haha. I love it.

And by exercise I mean eg. If I can take bus but I choose to walk, if the lift is at level 1 but I choose to climb the stairs (I know it's so insignificant when I'm staying at level 2) and stuff along that line. Anything that requires me to move when I can opt for the easy way out is exercise to me.

Drafted the above last night and today I went for Sakae buffet *facepalm* Will work the calories after I finish my econs revision. Today will be a productive day. It must be. I've to finish all the 13 chapters if not it will be too late haha.

Meanwhile, snapshots (of food) for you.


My bkk post will take a while. Sorry for the misleading Insta picture :/