The best for your love

1 week plus in hall makes me homesick and emotionally tired. I feel like a lost soldier - fighting a war without my army. Sometimes I question the purpose, sometimes I question MY purpose.

Here's my confession of the.. Century wtf. I don't wanna stay in hall anymore because I'm super emotionally attached to my family now. I usually end up crying under the blankets when i miss them and this happens almost once a week. #bigbaby

Ok I said it wtf. Such a weak thing to do i know :(

I feel like I'm left in the childcare centre all over again. Sick feeling. I cried everyday until the parents couldn't take it (teacher complained every single day lol) and brought me home. No childcare/xiaodoudou ban for me since then yay.

Mug hard for math, lunch and go home! I love.

And I hope moma will be home for dinner later.