Nothing more interesting

I've nothing to offer other than what i ate yesterday, well unless you wanna sit through my 1-min lecture on tuition, nap or drama (typical weekends)
Food is the most interesting thing to this pig here.

Beehoon in peanut root and soup bone soup with 2 servings of vegs

Egg beehoon bowl with fruit salad and 2 servings of vegs (which you can't see)

Clearing leftover beehoon lol.
And I had beehoon for breakfast and lunch today too fml I take back my love for beehoon now.

Btw the dishes are so easy to make and really healthy too. Need to detox after eating out for a week. Too potent.

Sorry that's not all.

My tutee family passed me some homemade strawberry chocolate donuts. O M G they are really good. I feel like a total failure now; the things I made are just child play :(

All the Photos in this post are taken with iPhone 4s.

So, how's your weekends people? Show you my new pet.

Bug catching skills acquired from roomie. Please sign up for lessons if you are interested.