H/M: Watsons Hair Treatments

February 2012

To be frank, this is one of my holy grails. Love their ranges so much!

Watsons Hair Treatment. L: Olive, R: Avocado

What: Hair Treatment
Size: 300ml (Olive) / 500ml
Good for: Dry hair, damaged hair with split ends, rebond/perm hair
Price: $7.90 each
Where to get it: Watsons

I mentioned here I've been using another hair mask which helps to keep my hair healthy with minimal split ends? THIS IS IT.

I've 6 bottles at home. No joke. Of which I'm using two - Avocado and Olive. Both are awesome.

Up to date I've only used this two series. I just keep going back!


Smells really good
Prefer Avocado to Olive

Both them them serve different functions (though my sis don't really feel the difference)
Avocado - Shine, manageability, smoothness
Olive - Hair feels healthier and is really good with split ends. This is the other product I've mentioned here which helps my ends a whole lot. Half a tub to see the effect

The price
No joke. The price is very good as they are house brand. $7.90 for a big tub. 500ml. Where to get good hair mask at such a price and quantity? Just something extra for you, there will be a promotion every half a year or 3 months. Buy 2 get 1 free. That means $5.20 for 1! Super worth it. Go check Watsons now and then ok! ^^


The packaging
Not a lady-friendly product as you've to dig your fingers into the tub to get the product. Hate it when it gets under my nails. Then again, 500ml in a tube form will be pretty scary, no? So gigantic.

Watsons hair masks are definitely worth it for the price you're paying. So cheap so good. I heard many people raving about yogurt mask from Watsons range. This one is harder to find but I managed to get it from bkk! :D

It is a good everyday/every alternate day mask to use. Nourishing enough and doesn't hurt your wallet as much. I know a lot of people are pretty skeptical when it comes to house brands. House brands don't always mean their quality is compromised.

Hope it works well for you too!

My rating: 9/10
Will definitely repurchase this (And even stock up!)

PS, I'm currently spamming hair treatments because I just... dyed my hair.Don't like it. My top portion is so much lighter than my bottom portion. T___T Patchy hair. Dry and no shine. Now, who miss my shiny jet black hair? T____________________T
Wish me luck cute people. I'm working hair to restore life in my hair now.
13/4/2013, Saturday

I'm back to this page to update you guys on the other ranges I've tried.

Watsons Henna Hair Treatment

What: Hair Treatment
Size: 500ml
Good for: Coloured or dull hair
Price: $7.90 each
Where to get it: Watsons


The price
As mentioned above, this is so worth it.


The packaging
Cream and nails don't come together, forever.

I don't really like how this henna treatment smells like. I can't even describe it.

Tbh I don't see nor feel much when I am using this. I still have about 3/4 tub to go :/

This is probably my least favourite one out of all I've tried.

My Rating: 2/10
This is a miss for me