Don't regret when your bubble breaks

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Good afternoon,

I can feel the stress kicking in. Persevere on jl!

Energy fuels in hall to accompany me through this.

There will be so many changes in the near future. So many big ideas but I can't fulfill them all. As much as possible alright?

Well, do I feel sad about it? Honestly, I don't. People who walked out of my life remain outside. Perhaps I would let them in if they try. Perhaps. I will never have an answer to that. 

I try to stop myself from all the selfish thoughts, after all there are people upset because of that. It's not a bad thing if you think about it. It's a good way to put an end to this and things may even turn better? 

Acceptance is the last thing I (we) can do. 

PS, I've a high forehead.