DnD photo shoot

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DnD Comm | NTU Hall 14

Last week we had our comm photo shoot. The photos turned out really nice especially the candid one above. Contemplated for really long before publishing this post. I don't know all of them well personally so I'm not sure whether they mind or not..? But it's up on facebook already so I think one more site(here) doesn't hurt? 

#differencebetweenaproandsemipro: photo size. The largest size is out of frame and the 2nd largest (which is this) is a little too small for my liking. Is there a way to resize ALL the photos at one go? Twelve's size is good but I find it not sharp enough for some scenes. So maybe... 

Events team 

Anyway, finally a glimpse of my uni life besides my constant rambling on studies/school work.
I'm really slow but I'm beginning to feel a little more comfortable in NTU/hall. Yes again, it is always right before I leave a place.

PS still chubby sigh.