Two things

First, not all the people are grateful for your help. Not all the people are apologetic for the wrong things they did. Remember how much a thank-you and sorry will make. I need to do that more often (and loud) too.
(Not applicable when you kill someone lol)

Second, there's no end to this perfection chase. Nothing can be. However, that doesn't mean you stop working/moving forward. Set a goal, feasible one, and work towards it. Don't let others decide what's the best for you. You decide what is good, what is in fact good enough for you. Nothing is better, less to say 'best'. 

Received both my midterms grades. Though it might not be 90/100, it is at least above my expectation.

Today: 14h on sleep, 4h on studying and the rest of the time with TV. I know I've many lectures to clear but I can't get through without some sort of fun/entertainment. Furthermore, it's a holiday today guys.
休息是为了走更长远的路 x