The directed play

Busy week extends to weekends too. Barely slept, so tired~

Friday, 15/3/2013

As mentioned here.

Potd with dearests

Epic day. Overslept, wedges broke and I walked barefooted to Cwp.

Headed over to ikea for noms first grabbing my stuff. My red low quality pillow hehehe. The previous one is too squashed. #fatjielinandhersquashedpillow

Over to tampines for koi (Yakult green tea) and some shopping. Didn't cut hair tho'.

Sooooo tired from all the walking but I managed to watch 2 eps of TWD. Omg it's still the bomb.

Sunday, 17/3/2013

SMRT bus driver made my day!

Gave me this when I boarded the bus :)

Ok la I am a bit skeptical when I receive things from other people so... I might not eat it.
Thank you for your kindness though~

Busy week made me super shag T ^ T I need a good night rest.