Seow Wen's 20th

Changed of plan because of her fall.

Prior to this, we made this as part of her prezzie~
A clay cow cake! (which was nicer than the cake I made lol)
Sorry for the spam of pictures. A lot of effort spent. Sadly the berries and whats not are falling apart. Poor workmanship I'm sorry. Clumsy fingers.

Cow in milk bath~
As suggested by YQ

With connecting lights as lighted candle!
(see below for final look!)

Birthday girl with her clay cow cake

Now, let's see the actual edible cake:

Sponge Cheesecake 

Which deflated the moment it left the oven LOL

Presents for her are.... 

Gold bars lol!

It's chocolates. Taste okayish for the price. 

And quilt+cover
Red polka dots :3 Exactly the type of thing I like 

It's really soft hahaha. I'm not sure whether this is a good present or not because she will be more reluctant to wake up from now on. If you're late for school next sem I will drop by your place and steal this ok! 

Rearranged the lighting to form a distorted heart. Nothing is perfect - Appy

And here's me attempting to snap a photo photos with it.

Attempt #1

Attempt #2
Awkward face 

Attempt #3
Thanks appy!

Happy Birthday Cowieeeeee

And here's my girls again! 
One of the best takeaways from IJC. 

Lousy quality: iphone 4S
good quality: GF3 (?)

Tempted to grab another camera/phone but I'm damnnnnn poor now. :(

Anyway, the Galaxy camera seems good! #IWASTHERE campaign. Check it out here.