Morning shock

What a morning. I literally aged 10 years after today.
Here's a quick why.

sw fell and injured her toes and knees while we were walking to the bus stop. Blood spilled all over the place (A little exaggerating but you get the drift right?)

Thank god for nice Aunties and Uncles in hall. They kept her from fainting and made everything better. I'm so bad at handling emergencies.
Thank you random passers-by for your concern too.

Wait, now I sound like I am the one who fell LOL.

No picture of the crime scene hahaa I'm not some cyberspace addict. I know when to put down my phone ok! And it's just bad to go 'Wait let me take picture of your injuries so I can blog/tweet/insta' when the person is hurting like mad.
If you can't make the problem go away, don't make it worse. 

Took medical center car, registered and the helpful nurses cleaned her wounds. I can totally relate to the pain. I fell down when I was little and my cousin forcefully rinsed my wounded toes with running water. Hurts like #^#%$#% but at least I felt better after that. Not forgetting I lost both my big toe nails 2 years back wtf.

Felt so nauseous and sick while I was beside her. Running around in the morning/when I'm in shock/when I'm rushing like some mad woman makes me feel that way. Plus I had a light breakfast ~.~

Floated back to hall when everything is ok. Everything happened so quickly it feels so unreal. My thoughts are all over the place and I can't organise everything. I need some time to gather myself before my next lesson. It wouldn't do me any good to go in with a blank state of mind. Ciao.

Don't worry I'm fine. :)

Take care sw! 破皮消灾, 大难不死必有后福 (correct or not??)
Sorry to non-Chinese readers, if there is any.