Failing is a chain process

Today is pretty bad but I'm not feeling any depressed LOL. 

First, I failed my FTT~ Ya kinda expected it because I didn't put in enough effort. Was busy drafting something else/napping. Retest on 18May ohyeah so fun. My birthday present #1 will be passing FTT with a perfect grade ^w^

Second, crazy downpour when I was napping. ALL the clothes were drenched wts. 

Third, baked cheesecake but they deflated, meh. 

Best 3 of the lot
For tutee family!

The rest of the deflated cheese cupcakes

I didn't know how long to bake so I kept checking on them. I guess the abrupt change in temperature made them so flat? I'm not sure but they taste pretty decent. 

At least this was the first time I managed 1. separate the eggs and 2. whipped the egg whites to stiff peaks (with the help of my moma as well).

Maybe a second (more successful) batch tmr/sun for the rest I wanna feed :) 
And a better tomorrow is waiting for me~

With each new day we are given new hope, new possibilities, new opportunities. Each new day is a miracle.