2C and 2J

7/3/2013, Thursday

As mentioned, spent part of my afternoon with C for a short mugging + catch up session. Maybe it's pretty far from mugging because I only studied for 2hours. Good enough.

Had a really late lunch - chicken pineapple sandwich. Can't even finish this weird combi thing.

Met sis to destress with house of dead~ I know arcade is like throwing money into sea but it was really enjoyable. Cheese (my second C) joined us for the last few rounds of ball-throwing children game hahah. Too fun.

Went for dinner at Empire State.

And got a new cute case. Picture... soon? 

8/3/2013, Friday

Visited a lot of different venues in Singapore. 

Really like this shot
Probably not a good picture because the trees are too overpowering but... who cares? >.<

A late lunch (again) at SG flyer.

Then I met my two Js for dinner. Yes it has been sooooo long. So glad I'm still so comfortable with them.

Ichiban Boshi dinner on J. ^^


That girl couldn't finish her food. Not surprising, look at the amount of stuff!

I don't have the rest of the photos because my phone died shortly after. 

And caramel macchiato, courtesy of J again~ Thanks thanks!


Sorry for the skimpy post.
Still up at this timing because I feel guilty wasting my recess week away, again. Attempting to clear a couple more slides before bed.
Then again, time you enjoy wasting ain't wasted. 
Yeah excuses I know~ What to do? I live in my own world of delusions.

4 Maths lectures, 1 resume writing, 7 econs chapters and 11 biochemistry lectures to do, 2 tuitions to attend, 1 family bonding night (aka watch TWD3) and 1 weak body to heal. 1 weekend for all this. Good luck.