We don't even have to try.

The hectic CNY is finally coming to an end. Now let's come back to old routine and work hard for this sem. Skipped way too many lectures hur. 

Anyhow, will do a separate post on CNY after I looked through all the photos (which usually happens at night before bed). It wouldn't take long because I don't have many to begin with. 

Watched the news last night - wars, terrorism and killings. I can never understand them and I never will. Perhaps this is a really huge bubble but can there be peace? Is it really that hard?


Packed my nail polishes, arranged them in the spectrum of rainbow and tada! Instagram-worthy. (self-proclaimed).
As usual, HDR is not flattering on big screens. 

A different angle!
I love this (plus the bokeh effect from MTXX)

And it became my twitter background :3

That's all folks! Gonna do some hall stuff. Probably the only few things I would do here.

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