The rest of CNY

Chu 2 (day 2 of CNY)

Crossed over early in the morning, continued to pig till noon before I go down for lunch.
No #ootd/#fotd because I'm clad in top and shorts. It has always been a home day so comfy outfit for me. No one came to visit this year, surprisingly. Giant fish and always-hungry dog in the house. He is really active so it is practically impossible to snap a good shot. PS, I think he blinked in the bottom right picture. That shot looks scary hahaha.

So we headed out to 5th Aunt's place. Took the wrong route and went all the way to the domestic airport lol. Toured around (since it was our first time there) and we can practically see the whole airport in less than 5 mins. Dropped by 5th Aunt's place for a while before moving off to 2nd Aunt's place.

Checked out the place we used to live in before current one and SG flat. I love to remove the floor tiles there lol.

Flowers outside my 2nd Aunt's place:

I call them humble flowers! 

My sissy notes

Crazy jam so we spent a night there. 4th Aunt and family came over and we were basically obsessed with a game called Carrot Fantasy. Had a few round of mj as well :D

Chu 3 (day 3 of CNY)

Dropped by A stall to grab breakfast when we were leaving for SG that day. Nasi Lemak~

Cooked cream Alfredo pasta with sauteed mushrooms and failed baked potatoes for lunch (no pic).
Packed some for Tim and we visited Joe's place. Mj with his mum and spent the rest of the time browsing facebook and whatnot.

+ more beer and wine

Explains the lumps of fats I added this new year.

Chu 7 (day 7 aka everyone's birthday)

Supposed to spend at home but popa didn't tell the rest in time, oh well. 
Lt got Domino pizzas for us hahha. 

Like crepe but thicker

Did what we always do and had chilling session part 2 at Mac after we left her place. Kai managed to rush back from his visiting! Finally saw him after soooooo long hhehe. 

Free face lifting job - Contour with hand!

Chu 8 (day 8)

Steamboat at home. Eat all the cheesy toufu! We basically get anything and everything with cheese for steamboat. Normal hotdogs and fishballs are too mainstream LOL.

Prior to that, lao yu sheng!

Tiny Yu sheng + abalone

Some veg + one of my fav noodles

Tried lamb slices and they were really tasty!

Chu 13 (if I'm not wrong)

Went for a dinner at Galaxy CC with yq, zz and kh's family. Ate 3 prawns and woke up in the middle of the night with tons of rashes wtf. Potent prawns~

Chu 14 

Ex colleagues gathering at Julie's place. A lot of kids lolol It is always good to see them again.

I should have taken some photos for keepsake sigh. Next time!

That's pretty much everything. Hmmm perhaps a CNY crab dinner with the girls and *hopefully* some mj/poker next week?
It's recess week noooo half a sem just flew by like THAT.