Spare me from writing

I've been editing my assignment for the comms mod. So sick of typing on the keyboard, any purpose for that matter. 

Just some pictures~

Pepper lunch *insert hearts*

After another CNY dinner 

(instant) pizza + bacon-bak kwa-looking thing into the oven! 

Pretty decent wrapping!
More to show but I must give it out first 

Lastly, laoban from Cheese!

That's all. Busy period.
You may have nothing on hand but I've more than what I can hold. 
So don't compare your life with another for no two persons is similar. 

And ps, it really sickens me to answer the SAME questions over and over again. I'm not some fortune-teller but why am I able to anticipate what will happen next? Ain't you bored repeating again and again, to me or anyone for that matter? 
It will not work that way, it never worked so move on please. 

That's two chunks of frustrations from different events, different times and different people. Meh does my title still holds?

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