Happy birthday with the happy class

Week3 is over. That's fast.

1/2/2013, Friday

Met the class for steamboat + dimsum buffet at Sou's noodles. Before that, we decorated the room with light sticks, balloons, flashing disco lights (LOL)and loaded a really cute chipmunks birthday song.

Not sure why there is that irritating blue box there.

The balloooons we painstakingly blew, drew on and stuck on the wall.

Curled some paper strips to 'hide' the fake 'present'. Had fun acting like a judge/santa claus. AND we are in the same IJ shirt #gayenough

Anyway, the buffet spread was not that bad. It's affordable as we got the deal online. Buffet was 2hours, sounds short but it was more than enough. The place is a 3-man show, service is a little slow but we weren't rushing for anything so that didn't bother me much.

One of the best class gatherings. I genuinely enjoyed myself that night. Everyone is in a pretty good mood, that's great. All gatherings are supposed to be like that hur.

Ended the day with a strawberry cake and birthday song. Lucky girl always gets to celebrate her birthday with the class.


Back to hall and carried out our surprise! Gave her a hot pink dress as her 'present' and forced her to change into it.

Planned a lot of Boliao (useless) activities but we were so tired. So..... sleep.

Woke up, had strawberry cake for brekkie, Korean food for lunch and some twister fries as snack. ~ate too much. Not forgetting dinner and I baked oats cookies (which failed like no tomorrow hahaha)

PS, HDR filter only looks good in small pictures. Meh, enjoy!

Messy hair and my happy balloon!

Swollen like a fat balloon sighhhhh. Hope it gets better before CNY!

And on days when I'm swollen like crazy, angle is really important. 
Don't believe? See below:

Filter was from beauteskin or something. Didn't edit a single bit. 

Ok back to bad angle photos:
Group shots after really long!

Happy birthday my dear girl.
Thank you for tolerating my nonsense over the years. 
I am so glad we grew up together.
Friends for all my life, that's for sure. 

Eat, laugh, live; things we will continue to do.