Endless valentine

Continuation from previous valentine's day post. God dotes on me too much to give me part 2 hehhe. I cannot skip their sweet gestures just because vday is over/I've blogged about it before right.

Thanks Cheese for the really nice rose! It smells like rose. It seems rather hard to find a rose that smells like one during valentines day.

Ps, it is still nice and strong after so long!

Another really nice one from weepopotamus. Ah I like her twitter name so much I almost converted to jipopotamus, or jilephant or jitterfly. LOL anything animal-related.

Lastly, leftover love chocolates (from Yq for Zz). Haha I don't mind at all #eatallthefood!

Thank you all for your love and care, xoxo I will remember all of them.
Gonna rush! Tons of things today~