CNY Eve + Chu Yi

Chu Xi ( Chinese New Year Eve)

Went back to M'sia for reunion dinner. Last minute decision. 

Steamboat #1

It was enjoyable; everyone was sitting together eating and talking. 
Saw one of the new additions to the family, a rat caught by my Aunt and forever-eating dog. 

Fireworks right outside my place ~11+. 

I've so many photos of the fireworks hehe. Probably edit and post up some in another post. 

Headed back to SG after that.

Chu Yi (aka day 1 of Chinese New Year)

First day was as usual, moma's relatives first. 

Outfit of the day: 

Red cut-out dress
A little too big at the waist area but I still like it a lot!

A clearer shot of the cut-out pattern + the excess cloth around waist.
Fat cut >:(

I was really tired. CNY = sleep late wake up early. I slept at almost 2am everyday + wake up around 7am? Taxing. 

Anyway, this year's CNY is a little more exciting for me. Ate steamboat #2 for lunch first. After which I managed to chat a little with my cousins (?), mainly about Taiwan. In the afternoon, we went over to the usual temple and I took some parsley back to grow (which I think died because my Aunt told me some snail or what had it for dinner -___-). Love parsley, they are a gem for most Western cuisine.

Headed to one of the uncle's place for steamboat #3 and everyone sat together to watch some new year show. Atmosphere was great and that was probably the first time I enjoyed CNY. 


Left pretty early so we headed home for some more indulgences!

Taiwan fruit beers

Some TW fruit beers + Chinese Zodiac 12 with the family! However, only sis and I managed to finished the show. Others were too tired to continue~

That's about it for the eve and day 1. 
The rest of the days should be up in the next post! 

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