Bet you miss me

Hello humans, 

I'm back! There is no better way to start this. Nearly 1 week of absence - I'm sorry! I almost got used to not having a blog. (ya in a week when I've been blogging for the past x years)

Well, I ultimately made it back. There are just too many pretty pictures to share (which Instagram cannot satisfy) and random thoughts (which will irk all my followers if I post them on twitter) so this little space is the place to dump them all~  And I know you miss me too!

Revamped my blog a little; in fact I'm still in the midst of pulling everything together. Pardon the messiness and incoherent pages. HTML codes are not easy foes to deal with hur. Nonetheless, it is much better than the blue-sky-standard-skin I was using, isn't it? Blue is not my colour.

Done with some clarifications and whatsnot. Tata!
On the side note, it's Friday in a bit! So gloomy souls, you survived the week, cheer the hell up and embrace your weekends~
That's for me too hahaha!