Repeating is a sad thing

Not sure what happened to the blogpost I wrote yesterday. Might as well write a new one, same pictures, different thoughts. 

Sem2 W1 is ending. Skipped and intending to skip the rest of today's lecture hahahaaa. W1 was really slack; we managed to go for 2 shopping/window shopping/restocking trips. NTUC Xtra is fantastic for groceries shopping. 

Chose my first business course here, alone. Gonna get out there and meet new people! 

Resolution number 3: Step out of my comfort zone 

Enough of my nonsense, let the pictures do the talking. 


New shades that makes my face smaller!

From yesterday's 'harmless' shopping in town. Got shades and shoes! (See later~)

Die unsightly blackheads.

This thing is so good, all the disgusting stuff out after 15 minutes. Stupid me stuck it too high up. It's so freaking near my eye bags sighhhh, so painful.


A little something from XJ. Now the chemists have similar gaylephant pencil cases~

One of the best things about this sem is the short breaks we have in between different lectures. It is a good time to sit and really talk to the peeps I've spent my first sem with. The hearty 1-hour chats made me know them a little better, deeper, on a more personal level. I love hearing insights, experiences and even little random thoughts from different people - it is just so amazing. We are so similar (humans yeah) yet so different. 

The right way of communication separates an hi-bye friend from a best pal. 

Talk and laugh, it will get you through the toughest times in life. :)


Roasting a chicken

Anti-oxidant to stay forever 16. 
What do you mean by I'm over that? >:(

More berrieeesss

Prawn mee from Malaysia boleh, Jurong Point ($3.50?)
Okayish but I feel so unhealthy after that. I still prefer clear soup base!


Packing the new clothes one fine night

Wardrobe collapsed so it's hard to wash and keep everything there

Loots last week?

For instance if I buy 7 tops/bottoms, I will probably wash and wear 2-3 immediately. The rest goes to the 'new clothes' bag and yeah, probably stay there.

I can't help it. I keep reaching out for my comfortable old shirts, shorts and shoes. 

Now, my favourite part~ Got 3 new kicks this week. 
No more shopping for 6 months! 

Fav pair
Pink suede with exquisite lace details. The slightly curved heels bring everything together. 
High but comfortable. 
Hug my feet like a baby in mum's arms.

There wouldn't be a gap if you don't let you feet slide aka put jelly insoles! 

The rest of them.

Kai's OCS commissioning:

Spot him if you can hhahaha.
(That is if he is even in it)

That's all folks! Today is a long day for me~ 

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