Merry Christmas 2012

Finally blogging about last kristmaz!
Spent the actual day with dearests. Life, food and lots of photos, as usual. Guess that's what we, or at least I, enjoy doing the most with them.

All photos are from Kai.

The game I keep losing.

Not the most flattering shots but they're here for keepsake. I always laugh when I browse through this set of photos. So unglam but so happy. 

We started off with normal shots.

Then Joel started his thing again - blocking people.
First, it was hands.

Then his whole body  =    3    =

Wts lol

Pushed him to the back because he was so irritating.

Struggling us at the back wts

仁至义尽. Revenge. 

Die also must cover him

Ok I swear everyone was so happy at the moment haha.

He's good only in that way. 

It was a Merry Christmas. 

I feel like 13 again whenever I am with them. So childish but so funny.


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