Maybe we're friends, maybe we're more, maybe it's just my imagination

Longest blog title, probably. A phrase from a song stuck in my head. How irritating.

Just a little update.

1. I misread my BTT date - it's today, not yesterday!
Skipping econs lec sigh. I've tons of work to catch up. I need to clear them before my packed weekends or somewhere next week. I want to enjoy CNY.

2. Training to NTU on Friday morning, I think. Please don't let me be late for Maths tut. It is just too taxing to go from NTU > SSDC > NTU. Plus, my bed needs me. Ok maybe I need my bed. Doesn't really matter.

3. No pictures today. No pinky promise but I try to clear some backlogs this weekend.

4. Steamboat + dim sum buffet this Friday. The season of indulgence. Hehee.

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