Look how they shine for you

Yesterday was nothing fanciful but great. 

I spent a few solid hours with Crystal - talking about her, about me, about our interests and about life in general. You will be surprised how strong this girl is. 

Sometimes we forgot to communicate, we forgot the the path we took from strangers to friends.  Yes, we know each other but people change - feelings, ideas, likes and dislikes. We know each other but we barely know each other. You get? 

Resolution #2: Share my tiny moments with x. 

Make that your resolution too. I'm quite sure everyone has this bunch of close-to-heart. So make an effort to keep it that way. You don't want distance and time to wash out what is built over the years. 

At least for me. 

PS, Resolution #1: celebrate x's birthday.
Starting with my first in 2013. Belated but it is a good start right?



After a quick, and late, lunch with Crystal, we went to chill at her place. 
Met her cute little brother haha. I don't really know how to interact with kids but I am going to give it a try. Anyhow, he's such a sweet talker. :)

She helped me with my nails too. I've so little patience in such things. Thank god I've friends like her. 

Pretty pink gradient nails with a rock
Because modelling with nail polish etc is too mainstream lol.

Doesn't this set reminds you of the blue gradient nails I did long long ago? Used a different (and easier!) technique this time round. This is what I call effortless pretty. 

One more shot!

Can't do justice to the nails. They are soooooo shimmery and pretty in real life. 
Some things are just so hard to capture. Plus, using one hand to snap a pic of the other makes it 2 times difficult. Not forgetting my ugly fingers. 

I give up~