Here we go again

The hair I want. 
But there's just the expectation vs reality thing. 

How I wish they'd pre-allocate the mods to us like the previous sem, like what they did in JC, secondary school, primary school...
Window shopping for mods sucks so much; I spent hours and hours choosing and researching but nothing is near satisfactory. Korean is probably the only course I am taking in one of the sems but probably not this term. 

I believe this will be the easiest sem so I ought to make good use of the time to 1. clear my driving test and 2. start on Korean for good and 3. pull my GPA up. 

Monday, 21/1/2013

Had my first tutorial of them sem, tons of unfamiliar faces. I was late sigh. 

Tuesday, 22/1/2013

Headed back to RS with yq after so long. Finally had chinese rice and it's still so good. But I wouldn't do it again. Really tiring to go through that again. Moreover stomachache after that. A couple others suffered the same fate too. Bad luck jl. 

Half-eaten food. 
Picture for keepsake.

Here's maomao sleeping on yq's bed and pillow. 
We helped with the blanket. 

Dog sleeping like humans

Ya it's crazy. It practically sleep with its head on the pillow and limbs all curled up. Exactly the way I sleep. #mustbeadoginpreviouslife

Wednesday, 23/1/2013

Woke up in time to hitch a ride but... I still skipped the morning lecture. I don't wanna run out to toilet in the midst of the lecture. Plus, I don't have microsoft = cannot print notes. I know that's like the bare minimal for a school computer hahaaa. 

On a side note, I've really adorable com right now. 

Changed the icons and cursor to kitty and named major files in Korean! I google translated them. :/

Hall wardrobe 

A lot of sleep clothes! Getting lazy with the dressing up thing too uhuh. 

Alright that's my 3 days of week 2. Hectic Thursday - 830 to 530 (CRAZINESS). I hope the meeting later ends asap if not I will collapse in lecture tomorrow. 

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