Epic things we do on a daily basis

Situation #1
hy on chair, lazy yq and I on bed

*someone knocked on the door*
*hy opened*
*person A stunned to see two girls on bed*

Person A: Sorry to disturb you... *started talking about the event*

*Still on bed and only get up after a while*

*person A continued to talk*

Person A: ok, good night you can go back to sleep now.

What was we thinking when we lay on bed talking to a.. stranger..? Bed is a magnet and I'm a piece of metal, must be.
Great, now we're like the weirdos who sleep at 10pm (the time they came) and talk to strangers in bed.

Situation #2
Me: Eh I wanna eat dimsum buffet!

*started planning*

Roomie created a whatsapp group to add all 12A peeps. Yes, we don't even have a whatsapp group after years. And no one really answer the question lolol.

*back to main point*

Yq: Ok I've 16 people in the group.
*started counting the rest without whatsapp*

Yq: We only have 19
Me: I thought without yz is 19?

*started counting, I joined in too*

Me: oh ya only 19. who is the 20th person?!
Yq: Sad to miss out that person
Me: *Dug out class photo, started counting*
Me: Really 20 people! Who's the one we missed?
Yq: *Joined in counting* Ya, only 19 people, this is freaky... (she said this in a freaky manner too haha)

*Moments of silence*

Me: Did you like include yourself?
Yq: Oh ya. LOL

Exactly 小明 riddle, if you get what I mean. ^w^

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