Better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all

This is a self-obsessed post, you will see why later. 
My blog is in a mess. Will probably edit the rest a few days later. 

26/1/2013, Saturday

Celebrated our first 20 year old baby~ Went for prezzie hunting before that with sm. So drained even before meeting the rest. 
Had dinner in a random Jap store at Raffles City before heading down to MBS. 


The ramen was okayish, not too salty (which is good). 

Seeing this for the first time so.. ya

Watched the water performance and I really thought to myself, "What a wonderful world."
I sat beside my one of my bestest group of friends, contented. Wonderful enough. 

The rest of the night was filled with reminiscing the past, laughing at pig ong, eating a brownie cake, star glazing and h2h talks. Outings should be like this, no frills. Everyone is talking and laughing. A few bottles of wine and some finger food will be great on nights like that. 

Happy birthday Tiffy 

Hehee I blinked


Now, some selcas I took after comms ball. 
Did a lot of colour adjustments because the I'm standing/sitting in between a white and yellow light. 

4th picture is the one I posted in the post below this. You can compare to see how much difference pic-in-pic and filter makes. And I still prefer some sort of fringe and dark hair.

Week 3! Packed with tons of activities and a lot of first-times. I will bring my camera this time round~

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