Xmas dinner 2012 @ Barbacoa

19/12/2012, Wednesday

Early Merry Kristmaz everybody! 
It's year end again. 

Bought my family out for early xmas celebration.


180 Kitchener Road 
City Square Mall #02-39/40
Nearest MRT: Farrer Park
(+65) 6634 1884
Monday - Sunday: 11.30am - 10pm
Website: Click

This place is more of an open concept cafe; you get to see the chefs working hard in the kitchen and people walking by can see the whole restaurant at a glance. Luckily we sat quite inside - I don't like people walking around when I'm eating. 

What I like about this place?
Barbacoa is relatively quiet and plays good music. Unique decorations but sadly I didn't take any photos. Pretty good service too. 
Oh, no GST and service charge as well. Plus point. Set meals are really pocket friendly and portions are decent too. 

On the side note, I almost slipped, twice to be exact, when I walked around the restaurant. Kinda scary. 

Pardon the photo quality. Some of them are out of frame fml. My family was hungry and they understand the importance of me taking pictures of every single thing lol. 

Grilled salmon salad ($7.50)

I didn't know each main course comes with a side dish (wedges) and salad. I don't mind taking salad outside as long as it is not.. Bitter and lack dressing, which was in this case. 
I don't know why all their veggies taste bitter and there is practically no dressing :(
Grilled salmon was a disappointment as well. Overcooked; losing all the salmon goodness sigh.

Mushroom soup

I think this comes with any main course purchased.

White creamy spaghetti ($5.50), grilled bacon ($2)

I like this but grilled bacon was a disappointment.
Barbacoa has a really interesting concept for spaghetti  You choose you base and pay for any additional toppings (eg. bacon, mushrooms, salmon etc according)

BBQ pork ribs ($19.50)

Pork ribs was pretty tasty and meaty. Packed with favors, not bad.

Assorted sausages ($9.50)

Nothing super good for me to rave about. I don't really appreciate the sauce that came with them though.

Cowboy wings ($7.50)

Ate only half because it comes in 5.
It's a must try dish on the menu but I can do without it. 

Rosemary chicken ($9.50)

Cheesy chicken ($9.50)

Salmon and seafood ($18.50) 

Pan fried salmon was again, too cooked. The salmon slice is mad thick and a perfectly grilled piece will melt hearts. 
I don't like the calamari. Taste too 'seafood' to me.  I know it IS seafood but I don't like how raw it smell.. Or taste. I don't know how to bring this across sigh I hope you get my point. Only 2 pieces anyway.
Prawns were okay, the usual translucent shrimps, I love.

Placed all the dishes in the middle to share

Really inexpensive place but there ain't anything I like a lot. Once is enough. 

Done with wine and walking dead. Time to snooze!

Happy Christmas Eve humans!