With Singapore skyline as our backdrop


Went to Marina Barrage for picnic with the girls! No rain (yay!), not super sunny until we attempted to play bridge. 

French toast, egg mayo sandwiches, soya milk, potato salad, papaya, banana, blue berries, grapes, waffles and pizza. 

Filled our tummies, time to take group shots!

Tried to do jump shots but slowpok is indeed slow. Her first, and our last, success shot. This photo never fails to make me laugh. Look at yq hahaha. Too funny.

If you can see her face, you can't see mine. Or sw stuck to the ground lol.

Shifted indoors because the Sun was getting a little too unbearable. 
A lame surprise for pyq before xmas exchange!

Played drinking games with the girls trololololl it was fun. 

Time to leave for the second destination. 


Kinect is funnnnnn. 

Really like yq's photos. Damn damn bright; something G12 can never do. 
Tempted tempted. 

Hope to spend more time with them before the 6 months of school again T  ^  T