It is always easier from a third party's point of view

Cleared my camera roll and here are the photos! Some ain't even on Insta before. Not in any particular order but I tried to group them. 


Pretty lady~~

xmas pressies 

Messy me. 
At mac for htht!

Life is fun but I lost every single time.

Me with a... wig cap. Cute like... a stone?

Helped sissy with xmas cards

Trying to swallow a fly

For the little pests in my house

A cake that had too much flour. 
*according to the experts lol*

Canele macarons 
Favourite isn't caramel (surprise surprise). I like cookie&cream!
Too sweet. Toooooo sweet.

Well, my life's pretty stagnant nowadays. Woke up with vivid dreams and mornings gone, ate, spent my whole entire life with either computer or TV and slept really late at night. (like now, going 4am wtf). Cycle repeats. 

Had a tiny but super fun xmas gathering at sm's place, took photos and headed to town with the kids after so long. I miss hanging out with them. I should stop living virtually or in my own comfortable world. 

On the side note, I received my grades for the first sem. How do I put it? Above what I aimed for but some mods were disappointing. At least my hard work, though pretty last min, sort of paid off. Let me reward myself with good food and some shopping! 

JB later. Maybe... I can ask my dad to drop us at the malls when we are at JB. If not the next post will probably be random snaps around my place/my dog/my fish tank/plants. 

Can't wait for the weekends/next week (which is next year lol). Meeting my misses, steamboat and some fun. 

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