First Sem, down


Conquered 1 sem in Uni, nuuubad ^^ Let's leave the worrying-for-results to end of the month. The more I discover what life can give me, the less I worry about things I deemed shit important to me. 

Anyway cow and I plan to head out to celebrate our last paper but Our day of relaxation and good food. Gone. The rain washed them away like dirt.

So we 'celebrated' by walking to SPMS in the heavy rain, got ourselves half drenched, tried to squeeze down the NTU bus (and subsequently up the train) and bought fried vermicelli (ya our good food) which was tasteless. Mac condiments come in handy during such times. We vacuumed and mopped the place. Twice to be exact.
I did my laundry, cleaned my table and even wash my shower bucket. (The container hall peeps use to carry shampoos and all. I know bucket and container aren't the right words but I'm in a state of daze right now. Don't even try to ask me what's 1+1)

Watched TV when I was home from.. 9 to 1+am. Shiok. Slept my morning away~ Sleep debt is finally repaid.

Let me laze around for another day or so.

Only #GoodsofdesireSG will do something so quirky! Check out their sure-win Tree of Desire made out of mahjong tiles!

My daily quote:

you can take a break from working so hard.
Pause, rest, reconnect with your loved ones, share a slow meal, or just go out into the nature and breathe fresh air.

PS, slow meal is impossible I swallow food without chewing.